Friday, September 16, 2016

STL Lodging - Hotels

Staying in a hotel can be the experience of a lifetime or it can be the worst thing you ever did. Depending on where you are going and how much money you have, there are a wide variety of different accommodations. For example, the most expensive hotel room in the world is about $64,000 per night and the cheapest (in Malaysia) is about $4 per person per night which is a deal that really can’t be beat.

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Shop by Budget to find the right Hotel in St Louis
This is important, unfortunately while it’s easiest to simply check into the nearest hotel room, it’s a lot easier for you in the long run if you shop in advance and pick a hotel that is good for your budget.   Most hotel search websites will allow you to organize hotels in St Louis via price so that you can view them in ascending or descending price order. You can also search ‘STL + Hotel Room + Your Budget$’ and see what comes up in your browser. When you find a selection of STL hotel rooms in your budget, you should check to see which ones have the amenities you need. For example, some cheap hotel rooms are extremely small, don’t allow pets or don’t have a microwave or refrigerator which is bad if you intend to make food yourself.
How Close Is It to Your St Louis Attraction or Destination
Another consideration is how convenient is the location. If you are going to be getting out of an airport and going to the hotel, you will want it to be close enough that either a hotel shuttle or a taxi can get you there conveniently. Is it close to what you will be doing at your destination? I.E. if you’re going to Arch or Six Flags it should be within a 20 minute drive and preferably much closer or you will end up spending an hour or so in the morning stuck in traffic.
Online Reviews of St Louis Hotels and Lodging Resources
The final tip to finding the right hotel is to check the online reviews. You can usually find these on and Google Maps but they can sometimes also be found directly on the hotel website.  Our goal at is to direct our visitors directly to the sites of local St Louis Hotels and lodging resources.   If previous stayers had good things to say about the hotel, then you can probably stay there without any problems.

Many hotels and lodging resources in St Louis offer perks such as a free stay at one of their hotels after you have stayed at four consecutive ones or free breakfast or etc. Some STL hotels even offer a gym, a swimming pool or a laundry mat for your convenience. If you would like any of these amenities, make sure that you check for their existence before booking your stay.

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